Eastern Cuba Tour Extension

  • Tour Style: Private tour with local guide throughout
  • Duration: 4 days / 3 nights (minimum)
  • Accommodation: Guesthouses
  • Transport: 2 domestic flights, Taxi, local bus.
  • Inclusions: breakfasts, transport, local guide.


1 person $1095 $124
2 people $1380 $132
3 people $1745 $166
4 people $2185 $174
5 people $2550 $208
6 people $2835 $216

Itinerary Summary


This eastern Cuba Package of minimum 4 days/3 nights can be attached to the beginning or end of our 8 day Original Cuba Tour. This option may suit you if your time in Cuba does not coincide with one of our 15 day Original Cuba Tours, but you are keen to see the fascinating eastern side of Cuba. This extension includes 2 flights and stays in Baracoa and Santiago.

Notes - Depending on the availability of local flights, the tour may run in the reverse direction, and/or be limited to certain dates of departure.

Itinerary Details

Day 1 - Flight to Baracoa

Baracoa, Cuba

The flight from Havana to Baracoa is usually scheduled to leave around midday and our representative will leave with you from the hotel for the airport at around 9am. You will be met at the airport in Baracoa by your local guide.

Day 2 - Baracoa

Baracoa was the first place Columbus encountered Cuba, and he duly noted in his log-book that this was the most beautiful land that human eyes could set upon. You will understand what he meant when you see the beaches and verdant mountain landscape that surround Baracoa. Situated on a beautiful bay with the mountains of the Sierra del Purial in the background, Baracoa was the first settlement founded by the Spanish in Cuba, and was only accessible by sea until the end of the 1960s. There are numerous options for outdoor activities in the nearby mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches. There is wide variety of delicious seafood available in Baracoa.

Day 3 - Santiago de Cuba

An image of children playing in the street in Santiago de Cuba A spectacular bus ride through the lush mountains of eastern Cuban, along the coast, then past the region’s most controversial leasehold of Guantanamo Bay, will bring you to Cuba’s second largest city.

Day 4 - Santiago de Cuba / Return to Havana

Santiago de Cuba is known as the “cradle of the Revolution” and is home to much of Cuba’s famed music, like the Son. There are also museums, colonial churches and buildings of more recent historical importance, such as the Moncada Barracks, which are well worth exploring.

Santiago de Cuba has a very vibrant traditional music scene, which will entice even the shyest dancer out to experiment with some salsa moves. Culturally, Santiago has a different feel to the rest of Cuba, undoubtedly coming from the mix of French speaking slaves from Haiti and its proximity to Jamaica.

There is usually the opportunity to choose between a few options for the departure time for your flight from Santiago to Havana. These options are usually midday, afternoon, and evening.

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Summary of Travel Times

  • Havana to Baracoa – 5 hours (flight 1.5 hours)
  • Baracoa to Santiago – 5.5 hours
  • Santiago to Havana - 4 hours (flight 1.5 hours)

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Single Supplement

There is no single supplement for this tour. If you join the tour as an individual, you will have a room to yourself. Otherwise accommodation is twin-share.

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Not Included in the Tour

Spending Money

We estimate you will need between US$30 and US$50 per day per person, for local expenses during the tour, such food and optional activities.

Notes - Itineraries for the tours in Cuba can and do change during the course of the year due to a variety of reasons. We are not always able to advise you in advance of these changes. We ask for your understanding and flexibility in these cases.

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