Value for Money

People often ask us - “Why are your tours so cheap?” Basically the answer is that we are a small company with low overheads operating our own tours.

If you have looked at other organizations selling tours of similar length in Cuba, you will notice that our tours are very economical in comparison. It's not because we cut corners or compromise on quality, but rather we reap the benefits of being a small, efficiently run company with small overheads.

Our small group tours of Cuba are sold through a few carefully selected travel agents around the world. In this way we avoid the costly expenses of producing and distributing thousands of glossy brochures. This also gives efficiency and security to the booking process because we only deal with a hand full of booking personnel who have a more intimate knowledge of our company and a familiarity with our products. We keep advertising costs to a minimum and we rely on people finding our website and on our travelers to recommend the tour to their friends. We also use local tour guides in Cuba, so we do not have to pay the costs of flying around a foreign (or western) tour leader, and train them on each new destination. These savings are passed onto you.

Also while on one of our tours — unlike in most group tours in Cuba — the tour guide is prohibited from taking any form of commission from restaurants, handicraft shops, or from arranging optional activities for you. This means you pay the net price for local meals and excursions in Cuba. In this way, the tour guide’s advice is not compromised and s/he will recommend and help you choose activities in Cuba that you will get most enjoyment from, rather than recommending activities that will earn the guide extra money on the side.