Trinidad de Cuba

Outside of Havana and Cuba's famous beach resorts, Trinidad is Cuba’s most popular destination for travelers. This popularity arises from its location - wedged between beach coastline and scenic mountains, and the fact that the city itself is still greatly preserved from its centuries old beginning. Trinidad is a city with Latin-Caribbean flair but has that natural subdued feel that almost feels like a small village that is perfect to get lost with your camera. In the midst of the streets are colourful rooftops, century old mansions and locals harmlessly chatting away to each other on doorsteps. You might hear a busker playing a tres or the sound of a tricycle's bell but generally the soothing atmosphere here is the reason why many travelers prefer Trinidad. Due to this, Trinidad is year on year the most visited destination in Central Cuba; travelers don’t pass through here, they extend for longer.

A panoramic view over the colonial city of Trinidad in Cuba

Trinidad is undoubtedly the richest when it comes to the colonial architecture and old-fashioned appeal. What is more inspiring is that you’ll regularly see locals playing dominos by the curbs of the cobbled streets, oblivious to who comes and takes a peek. Trinidad has a slow pace but easy to go along with. Plaza Mayor is at the centre of the colonial section of Trinidad and is mainly for tourists rather than locals. This place boasts balconies, mansion houses, small gardens, art galleries and museums.

The cobblestoned streets on the Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba

Parque Cespedes however is Trinidad’s main city square for Cubans. Locals will gather after work, as will flurries of school children play about during afternoon periods. The town’s council HQ is based here as well as churches, schools, cinemas, shops and the Asamlea Municipal building. Plaza Santa Ana is more of a widened area that gets much of its attraction because of the old Royal Prison, or locally known - Carcel Real. Among the places that surround here are local bookstores and shops with cigars and other crafty items available too.

A classic old car in Trinidad, Cuba

If you do want to learn a little more about Trinidad’s place in Cuba then there are a selection of museums such as the Romantic Museum, Colonial Architecture Museum, Archaeological Museum, and the Museo de la Lucha Contra Bandidos. Now that maybe too many museums to visit at once in Trinidad, but they are all interesting in their own way. The latter, Museo de la Lucha Contra Bandidos, showcases the struggle both locally and nationally throughout the beginning of the Cuban Revolution in the 1950’s and has some compelling photography for all to see.

An Afro-Cuban dance performance in Trinidad, Cuba

In Trinidad the eating and drinking is a thing they get right. Although the best areas are normally are off the Plaza Mayor historical hub, there are some street food vendors on many corners. Casa de la Musica is vibrant, entertaining and friendly that is perfect for salsa dancing and drinks. Before and after, people tend to enjoy hanging and chatting at the concrete steps leading up to the venue. This is not all, as Trinidad has an actual underground cave bar. Discoteca Ayala is the cave network that has been transformed into a bar with nightclub tendencies. The temperature drops, as you’d imagine making it a real cool oddity that stands out to the rest of Trinidad’s nightlife attractions.

A live music performance in Trinidad, Cuba

Around 15km away from the centre of Trinidad lays Playa Ancon, a beach with a gorgeous strip of coastline and calm waters. Ancon has that mystical beach feel yet despite it having resorts nearby there are shrubs and trees along the length of it. Many enjoy an even more laid back vibe here than what filters in and around the interiors of Trinidad. Scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing can all be nearby.

Tourists enjoying Ancon beach near Trinidad, Cuba

The diversity of Trinidad expands with the slopes and trails at the Topes de Collantes National Park. There are a number of different hikes available. A popular choice is Parque Caburni for its rugged steep routes and dense forest. Parque Guanayara is spectacular for scenery and Parque El Cubano is possible the most popular and a favorite for its horse riding accessibility. Parque Codina has a ranch and a variety of walks and caves whilst if you love nothing more than seeing a waterfall or two on your way, then Parque Vegas Grandes is the way to go.

People swimming in Salto Javira waterfall, Cuba People jumping into a swimming hole at Salto Javira waterfall near Trinidad, Cuba Salto Javira waterfall in Parque Cubano, Topes de Collantes, near Trinidad, Cuba People bathing in Salto Javira waterfall, Parque Cubano, near Trinidad, Cuba Tour group members enjoying swimming in Salto Javira waterfall near Trinidad in Cuba Cuban Adventures travelers enjoying their swim in Salto Javira waterfall near Trinidad in Cuba A tour group trekking to Salto Javira waterfall near Trinidad in Cuba A tour group crossing a foot bridge on their way to Salto Javira waterfall in Topes de Collantes, near Trinidad, Cuba A tour group embarking on a trek to El Cubano National Park in Topes de Collantes near Trinidad, Cuba A tour group walking through a banana planation on their way to a Javira waterfall in Topes de Collantes near Trinidad, Cuba Oxen ploughing a field near Trinidad, Cuba Oxen carrying bananas near Trinidad, Cuba A old American car in the countryside near Trinidad, Cuba Old American cars driving through a banana plantation near Trinidad, Cuba A tour group packed into the back of an old American car in Cuba The steep cobblestoned streets of Trinidad in Cuba A man riding his bicycle in Trinidad, Cuba Men fixing their car in Trinidad, Cuba A man selling mangoes from his horse carriage in Trinidad, Cuba An old blue classic car in Trinidad, Cuba A catholic shrine in a house Trinidad, Cuba A newly married couple being driven in a convertible classic car in Trinidad, Cuba A worker sorting leaves in a cigar factory in Cuba A percussion workshop in Trinidad Cuba A group salsa dance class in Trinidad, Cuba People dancing salsa to live music in Trinidad, Cuba People dancing on the steps of the Casa de la Musica in Trinidad, Cuba A panoramic view of Trinidad town in Cuba

How to Visit Trinidad de Cuba

Trinidad is a 5 to 6 hour drive from Havana, and 1 hours East of Cienfuegos. Being one of Cuba's most outstanding cultural destinations, a stay in Trinidad is included in nearly all of Cuban Adventures' regular small group Cuba tours.